Graduate School Microeconomic Determinants of Labor Productivity

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Vollmar Akademie Kochel


Schloss Aspenstein, at the conference venue | © Vollmar Akademie

The venue is located roughly one hour by train south of Munich at the beautiful Lake Kochel. Accommodation in single or double rooms will be covered for all accepted participants.


From Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)

  • Take the regional train to Kochel (platform usually between 27 and 36; duration: approx. 1 h; costs: €17.50, departure: approx. once per hour)

From Munich Aiport

  • Take the local suburban train (S1 to Ostbahnhof or S8 to Herrsching) to Munich central station (duration: approx. 45min; costs: €11.60) or alternatively take the Lufthansa Shuttle (duration: approx. 45min; €11) to Munich Central Station
  • From the central station take the train to Kochel (see above)
Kochel Train Station to Venue
  • There is a shuttle bus that can pick you up at the train station (exact departure time of the shuttle is to be announced)
  • Or you can walk to the venue (approx. 15 min, 1.1 km)